Rod KQ6F Has A New SW200 AM Processor For Sale

Please note that the above photo is of my SW200, though Rod’s no doubt looks exactly the same.


A few months back, I received this note from Rod KQ6F –

Hi Dave –
I very much enjoyed your review on this product.  It was largely the reason I bought one.  My application is AM ham radio and as such found some of its features to be unnecessary.  I defeated the AGC and the pre-emphasis and found the triband limiting overkill since all my audio is voice and therefore all mid-band.  So bottom-line, I have no further use.
My unit is S/N 024, is only a few weeks old, and is still in factory-fresh condition.  I’ll sell it to somebody for $350 incl. shipping.  I know you already have yours but am wondering if you know someone in the LPAM fraternity that might be interested.
Would appreciate hearing back from you.
Rod KQ6F


I feel somewhat responsible for Rod purchasing this, as I had suggested in my review, that the SW2000 might be of interest to AM hams. There are retired broadcast types who use ex-broadcast audio processors in the audio chain of their ham stations. On reflection though, I’m thinking this is done more for nostalgia than for any real benefit over a single-band processor designed for ham use.


Rod still has his SW200 all packed up in it’s original packing, and ready to go. One of these would be ideal for Part 15 AM use, or even on a licensed AM station where the budget is tight, or as a standby processor. I know that one of the members on my Part 15 forum has it in mind for this purpose.


You can contact Rod directly via his QRZ listing, or leave a comment below, and I’ll put you in touch with him.


EDIT – April 15th 2019 – I just heard from Rod, who has decided to put his SW200 to good use with a home-brewed switch-mode 75M AM transmitter. He says that it’s probably overkill for the application, but it’s working well, and he likes the sound. At this point, if you really want to purchase it from him, I suppose it’s possible he could be persuaded, but it looks as if it’s beginning to find a permanent place in his station. Perhaps it’s a good thing that he didn’t have any immediate offers!

4 thoughts on “Rod KQ6F Has A New SW200 AM Processor For Sale

  1. David – I haven’t been building, I’m afraid. I think have scratched that itch – at least, for the time being. I do like the fact that the blog is still up, and people are getting some value from it though.

    73 for now,


    1. Thats fine. Just making sure your doing well. Love following your builds. Hopefully you will get the itch back down the road.

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