The USBtinyISP – The First Step In Building Etherkit’s New CC-40 40M QRP Transceiver

Jason NT7S is currently busy building the first beta of his new CC-40 40M QRP transceiver that uses the PCB’s he designed. It hasn’t been completely smooth but then, that’s why beta versions are built before kits go out to the general kit-buying public. The beta builders are beginning to congregate on our private beta […]

KD7KAR’s 40M Regenerative Receiver

For the second time since I’ve been active on CW (about 18 months) I had a QSO today with a station who revealed that he was receiving me on a regenerative receiver. This was a first in a way, because the last time was with W7QQQ whose regen receiver uses a tube.  KD7KAR’s receiver uses […]