In Praise of the 50KW Powerhouse Ham Stations

During the periods that  I’m active on the bands, I spend most of my time on 7030 or nearby, occasionally scanning down to the bottom of the band at times when there might be a bit of DX to listen to.  Sometimes 40 sounds good, sometimes not so good, but it seems that W6JL is […]

The Perfect CW QSO

I’ve started the packing process for my sojourn to Southern California (see previous post) and it looks like this particular move will be the most enjoyable so far.  I’m putting much of my stuff into storage in the Bay Area and moving down to So Cal with a small truckload of belongings.  Because I’m a […]

The Art and Skill Of Radio-Telegraphy

As anyone who reads this blog or follows my Twitter knows, I have an interest in SDR. At this stage in the game, I would imagine that almost anyone with an interest in radio, whether amateur radio or any other kind of serious listening, would find SDR very compelling. Ever since Flex sent me a […]

The Norcal 2N2/40 CW Transceiver Kit

I’ve been wanting to build a kit for some time now.  I built the Softrock 40 a few months ago as my re-entry into the world of building radio gear. It was my first experience with SMT devices, and it went quite well. However, I really wanted to build a complete transceiver – something I […]

CW As A Second Language

In this blog I’ve documented my recent commitment to, and preoccupation with CW.  As I mentioned before, this is the first time in my amateur “career” (which began in 1978) that I have made a protracted effort toward being active on CW.  I’ve only been at it for about 2 1/2 months but I’ve made […]