Barriers To Sending and Receiving Faster CW

I’ve been pretty comfortable with sending and receiving code at about 15 wpm for the best part of a year now.  I write down all my copy as I receive it, and always send with a straight key – the KK1 from American Morse Equipment. This arrangement has worked quite well and when I think […]

Beta Testing A New CW Transceiver

I’ve been passing on news in this blog about Jason NT7S’ upcoming QRP transceiver kit, which he initially referred to as “Project X” before revealing the name of the series of transceivers as the CC series, and the first model for 40M, the CC-40. He also told us that his new open-source amateur radio company […]

Etherkit – A New Kit Company

If you follow Jason NT7S’ blog, you’ll be well aware that he has been developing a QRP CW transceiver with low receive current drain that looks like it would make a good trail-friendly radio. He has just publicly announced that his open-source amateur radio company will be called etherkit: Sorry for lifting your logo Jason. […]

The AA0ZZ Keyer From 4SQRP

As much as I tweet about my fondness for building things in Altoids (or Altoids-type) tins,  I have just 3 projects in these useful and affordable enclosures; a Softrock 40: an antenna switch: and a morse code practice buzzer: When Altoids first became popular, I saved my tins and ended up with around 15-20 of […]