The WBR – A Simple High Performance Regen Receiver for 40M by N1BYT

EDIT (July 26th 2014) – If you’re thinking of building the WBR, I strongly suggest you check out my most recent build here, which incorporates a mod suggested by LA3PNA, and a different configuration for the AF amp that I think provides nicer sounding audio. The full schematic is published there also. A few weeks ago when […]

The Value Of Google+ To The Ham Community

I’ll keep this post brief as there is a partially built 40M regen sitting in front of me that I’m keen to continue with.  As you probably know, Google’s version of Facebook, called Google Plus, launched on a limited basis recently. As of right now, in order to join, you have to receive an invite […]

WG0AT With a KX3

I don’t usually create new blog posts for things that I’d normally just tweet, but this was a rather big deal.  I was busy making a chassis out of PCB material for my next project (full details in later posts)…… …….when I heard the faint signals of Steve WG0AT. It took me a little by […]

Checking Up On G4ILO

If you don’t already know, Julian G4ILO keeps a separate blog from his ham radio blog, titled “One Foot In The Grave”. It used to be the place where he sounded off with his opinions and rants on life in the UK. All those posts have been deleted, and it is now the blog he […]