The Etherkit OpenBeacon – A Very Versatile Programmable MEPT

etherkit’s OpenBeacon is the first kit to be offered by proprietor Jason NT7S and I think it’s a good one for him to open up with.  Sure, it’s not the first QRSS transmitter kit on the market but unless I’m missing something (and I don’t believe that I am) it is the most versatile one […]

4SQRP Come Out With Another Useful Kit For Homebrewers

4SQRP recently announced another addition to their line of kits for the QRP’er and home-brewer. This one particularly caught my eye, for reasons that I’ll explain in the next paragraph. Designed by David Cripe NM0S, the Hi-Per-Mite provides a -3dB bandwidth of 200Hz with no ringing. The center frequency as supplied is 700Hz, but this […]