Videos Of The Sproutie Regen In Action

Many apologies for taking so long to get these videos up. The only camera I have that can do video is so old and gives such poor quality video, that it’s a little tough for me to feel inspired in that direction.  I do like to put quality still pictures on my blog, and am currently unable to do justice to my projects when it comes to videos.  However, even a low-res video can still give you an idea of how a receiver handles that no amount of still pictures can, so last night and this morning, I made a few brief videos, and here they are. I would recommend viewing them on this page rather than on YouTube, simply because there is no point in seeing the larger version on YouTube – the video resolution simply isn’t there. Aaron N9SKN is building a Sproutie, and asked if and when I was going to post videos. His request gave me the final push/feeling of guilt that was needed to get me moving!

Here’s The Sproutie receiving CW and SSB on 20M (with the coil that tunes from 12100 – 14400KHz) –

and here it is receiving AM stations on the 60M and 49M BC bands (with the coil that tunes from 4810KHz – 6320Khz) –

As the main blog-post on The Sproutie shows, I have coils for continuous coverage from about 3MHz up to 16MHz (as well as a coil for 2.1 – 2.7 MHz) and have wound temporary coils that worked up to 24MHz. It will probably work even higher. I have even read reports of Nicky’s TRF (which is the circuit I used for The Sproutie’s front end) being used successfully on the 10M amateur band!

The original blog-post giving construction details of The Sproutie is here.


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