Rest In Peace My Dear, Sweet Chloe-Rug

Our sweet little kitty passed away on Sunday morning and the place feels terribly quiet without her. I took her in as a stray a year and a half ago. We didn’t know anything about her – where she came from, who her previous owners were, or whether she even had previous owners, though she […]

An Air-Spaced Variable Capacitor With Brass Vanes

I think I might be closing in on the ideal variable capacitor for a VFO.  This arrived in the mail yesterday from an eBay seller: The capacitance swing is 9-50pF with wide gaps between the vanes.  Rotation is fairly smooth, though the bearings could use a re-lube. Brass is a good metal for the vanes, […]

Photography and Air Spaced Variable Capacitors

Several people have commented to me that they enjoy the pictures I take for this blog, and Mike VK1oo recently asked if I could write a post detailing how I take them. I don’t want to turn this into a photography tutorial and acknowledge that there are other (and perhaps better) ways to take pictures […]

4SQRP Come Out With Another Useful Kit For Homebrewers

4SQRP recently announced another addition to their line of kits for the QRP’er and home-brewer. This one particularly caught my eye, for reasons that I’ll explain in the next paragraph. Designed by David Cripe NM0S, the Hi-Per-Mite provides a -3dB bandwidth of 200Hz with no ringing. The center frequency as supplied is 700Hz, but this […]