New Solid State Regen Discussion Group

I had meant to tell you about the new online discussion group for regen builders in the last post, but it slipped my mind. Sometimes, when writing blog-posts, my big concern is to get it finished, so I can put it behind me and move on to the next new, interesting thing. In the midst of the push to do this, things sometimes get forgotten.

The bright side is that now, this subject gets it’s own post, and may get a little more attention as a result. Professor Vasily Ivanenko of Popcorn QRP fame, has started a new regen discussion group on Google+, designed specifically for discussion of solid state regens, You can find it here. Not too many members yet, but it’s very new. There’s a good discussion group on Yahoo Groups, called RegenRX, which tends towards discussion of tube designs (though solid state is discussed there also). I used to really enjoy Yahoo Groups, but have never been able to make peace with the newer interface. I think it’s less user friendly, and my visits are limited as a result. There is also discussion of regens, as well as other simple receivers, on The Radio Board, run by Dave Schmarder N2DS and Jim Kearman KR1S.  It’s a discussion board with a classic and uncomplicated interface. Nice and clean looking, no drama, very agreeable, and full of good information and communication, as well as an attentive and dutiful moderator.

I tend not to participate a great deal in online discussion groups, preferring to make a few posts, then duck out and leave everyone else to it. However, I couldn’t resist joining this one. I hope you will too.


11 thoughts on “New Solid State Regen Discussion Group

    1. You’re welcome Jim – you have a fine discussion board. I’m not doing much in the way of homebrew these days, but will poke my nose through the door from time to time!

      73 for now,


  1. I am very dumb about posting and computer operation. Where do I make a post? Here? 73’s Doug.

  2. I guess I am alone, just wanted to know the right place to post a comment or idea. What I wanted to bring up was a regent that I ran across back in the day when I was building everything that looked interesting and new (new to me). One of the things I am saying was working for were detectors that didn’t shift frequency much with adjustment of the regeneration level. This is easier said than done. I tried quite a few types of tube detectors and their solid state equivalents. I worked with dual gate midgets in several oscillator types. Then I happen to notice the David Crops design for “A high performance Armstrong” regen. I built the circuit on a pc board and made a few changes because of the parts I had on hand. The LM1496 I had was the old metal can version. I had made lots of God’s about that time so I changed the detector inductor for old to a T50-6 to improve temperature inductance change by adjusting the turn count up from 28 to 33 turns. The Dr amp inductor stayed the same. I changed the oscillator coupling cap from 100of to 82of polystyrene . All other small capacity oscillator caps were npo. I was worried about all the .1 caps, some in the oscillator circuit causing freq changes but knowing of Crimes designs just installed the little monolithic where called for. I didn’t build the LM324 filter- push pull audio output stage. I used a one transistor preamp to a LM386 amp chip in the low gain mode. I did add a 10of bedspread cap in parallel with one section of the dual 365of running gang cap. After firing up I was amased! I put a 10 turn ,10I lot for the regent adjustment. The regent adjust was so smooth that adjusting for the “sweet spot” for max selectivity am reception, slightly higher freq locked surround listening or any other operating point was a breeze. The band tuning tracker perfectly and the receiver he as functional and not as any $400 Sony portable. No hand capacity effects (metal panel grounded to the board foil.) The whole receiver was mounted into a homemade wood box the size and profile as a cigar box. This was a great little radio! Like I tend to do I used it until I got thinking about something else and I stripped it down for its parts, back in the junkbox! Alas! I want to build another Has anyone else on the group tried this time receiver out? 73’s, Doug, KM6OR.

  3. Doug – the solid state regen discussion group that I was talking about in this post no longer exists, I’m afraid. Google+ went the way of the Dodo, and the regen group went with it. If you’re on Facebook, there is a group called “Regenerative Receiver Initiative” that is run by Gary WD4NKA. It’s a worthy group.

    Apologies for taking a while to respond to you. I don’t post to this blog very much these days.

    73 for now,


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