A Free Download in Celebration Of World Radio Day

Today (Feb 13th) is World Radio Day and I noticed from The SWL Post that Myke over at The Shortwave Music Blog is offering a one-day only free download of a musical project that was compiled for release as a 5 CD box set in 2011. Titled “The Clouds Should Know Me By Now: ShortWaveMusic 2005-2010″, the set wasn’t released but for one day only, you can download all these tracks of indigenous music from around the world as heard on shortwave radio.  With the continuing decline of international shortwave broadcasting, this is a treasure trove.  Note that if you’re looking for station ID’s, this is not the download for you. If you’re a fan of international music, especially as recorded off-air, this will be right up your street.

The page with the download link is here. If you’re interested, download it now, as it may not be up after Feb 13th.

Thank-you to The SWLing Post for the tip-off!

EDIT:  The link has already been de-activated. It was a very short window of opportunity.


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