The 2011 Zombie Shuffle

This post is rather late coming, but better late than never. I’ve been busy building a K2 which I finished on Friday.  I owe you at least one more blog post on the building of the K2 but after finishing it, was a bit wiped out and just wanted to use it and also chill out a bit and regain some of my sleep. I still haven’t regained the mojo required to make the remaining K2 posts but that will happen at some point.

This will be a short post, but I just added some text to a photo I took of my operating set-up for the 2011 Zombie Shuffle.  Rem K6BBQ is making a video of his operation in this wonderfully fun event and asked if I had a photo I could contribute. After taking it, I figured I could also send it to NA5N for the Zombie Shuffle web page, and post it here too. Might as well get some mileage from it 🙂  I hadn’t yet built the K2 when the Zombie Shuffle was happening, so this picture is a little innacurate, but it’s more of an “in the spirit of things” shot than an accurate record of my station set-up.

My assistant CW op, Chloe-Rug, also known as Rug, Ruggie or “The Rugster” is also pictured. She really comes into her own on Hallowe’en!

Thanks to Paul NA5N and Jan N0QT for putting together such a fun event. Some people even operated from cemeteries. I’m already thinking of ideas for places to operate from next year.


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