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November 15, 2011

The 2011 Zombie Shuffle

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This post is rather late coming, but better late than never. I’ve been busy building a K2 which I finished on Friday.  I owe you at least one more blog post on the building of the K2 but after finishing it, was a bit wiped out and just wanted to use it and also chill out a bit and regain some of my sleep. I still haven’t regained the mojo required to make the remaining K2 posts but that will happen at some point.

This will be a short post, but I just added some text to a photo I took of my operating set-up for the 2011 Zombie Shuffle.  Rem K6BBQ is making a video of his operation in this wonderfully fun event and asked if I had a photo I could contribute. After taking it, I figured I could also send it to NA5N for the Zombie Shuffle web page, and post it here too. Might as well get some mileage from it 🙂  I hadn’t yet built the K2 when the Zombie Shuffle was happening, so this picture is a little innacurate, but it’s more of an “in the spirit of things” shot than an accurate record of my station set-up.

My assistant CW op, Chloe-Rug, also known as Rug, Ruggie or “The Rugster” is also pictured. She really comes into her own on Hallowe’en!

Thanks to Paul NA5N and Jan N0QT for putting together such a fun event. Some people even operated from cemeteries. I’m already thinking of ideas for places to operate from next year.



  1. Great pic. This was my first Zombie Shuffle. Looking forward to next year!

    Comment by CD — November 15, 2011 @ 10:07 pm | Reply

  2. Congratulations on the K-2. As a kit builder I would have chosen the same rig. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Comment by Frank Powell — November 19, 2011 @ 5:09 am | Reply

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