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A little under 2 weeks ago, I blogged to share my surprise and joy at achieving a QSO with T32C on Kiritimati with my Fort Tuthill 80 – a simple 4 watt transceiver with a direct conversion receiver designed by Dan Tayloe N7VE. What made the QSO even more surprising was that the antenna was a coax-fed 40M inverted vee at 47 feet – not the best way of efficiently radiating a signal on 80M.  The magic of achieving a QSO with the Christmas Island team using this, was truly magical to me:

I thought the experience couldn’t get any better, but it came full circle when I saw the following comment underneath the blog-post yesterday morning:

“Hi Dave,

W3EF, Maury a T32C member pointed me to your blog. To make a long story short, I (ON7RU) turned out to be the operater of the 80m station at that moment. It’s a real pleasure to read these kind of stories and it shows we indeed had good ears, as we had hoped. Thanks for your patience and congrats with your DIY QRP stations. Keep up the good work, will follow your blog in the future.
Thanks again for the kind words and the flowers, but believe me the pleasure was ours.

73s from Honolulu, leave for EU tomorrow @ 4am. Believe me, that will be a bigger challenge then copying weak signals from the Pacific.

Frank, ON7RU”

Frank – you and the whole T32C team have created magic and a sense of sharing and camaraderie in the worldwide ham radio community. It sounds like you all had a great time doing it too.  Frank is now on my blogroll and I’ll be following his blog for news of any future DXpeditions he is involved with.

DXpeditions like this take a great deal of time, effort and money to organize.  If, like me, you had the pleasure of working T32C on one or more bands, you can donate to help offset their costs at If you QSO’ed with them, a donation of 10 British Pounds Sterling or more will register you to receive a QSL provided you fill out the online QSL request form, which will be on their site soon after the DXpedition ends.


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