There have been very few times in my life when I have uttered the words “Oh my god”.  I don’t really like that particular exclamation; it’s certainly not my style. For the only the second time I can remember, I just uttered those words twice in a row when this appeared in my inbox just now:

I’m not even going to try and explain how exciting the above is to me.  Don’t worry – I’ll have plenty of words at some point in the future. By the way, although the above mentions the CC-40, I’m pretty sure the beta kit I’ll be receiving will be for the CC-20.

OK, calm yourself Dave. Try to act normal, and suppress the urge to run around in the street and yell gibberish, interspersed with maniacally happy laughter. That kind of behavior is NOT NORMAL.

I also just received notification that my WM-2 QRP Wattmeter kit just shipped today from Oak Hills Research so once again, things will be busy at the AA7EE ranch very soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “OMG

  1. Yes, you will be getting a CC-20. The reason it says CC-40 is because that’s what you ordered eons ago. I don’t believe I can change it after the fact, so you’ll just have to ignore that.

    Wow, I hope that my kit can live up to your excitement. So much pressure. 🙂

  2. Sorry Jason. I should have kept my big mouth shut! I’m just happy that you’ve got the beta to the point where you feel you can let us loose on it. No pressure – whatever will be, will be (I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it seems like an appropriate phrase to calm the waters a bit.)

  3. I don’t want to throw a wet blanket on your excitement…I was just saying that I hope that I can deliver a radio that performs to your expectations. Please don’t shut up! Publicity is good for me! 😀

    1. Jason – I just don’t want to add to any pressure you might be feeling right now, that’s all. If this transceiver kit works out, there will be none other like it in the QRP marketplace (like you need me to tell you that) and I’m excited because of the potential. Rock solid DDS VFO, trail-friendly low current consumption, built-in keyer, built-in freq reader (for those who don’t want to fit a digital dial – once again very useful for outdoors applications) – and I haven’t even mentioned the AVR microcontroller with the potential for those who want to, to write their own code, and for those who aren’t into coding, to benefit from the free-source programs written by others and (hopefully) shared in the etherkit forum.

      It’s interesting the way in which you ended up with this rig. If the original kit you planned had worked out, it wouldn’t have been as truly unique as this one is going to be. I know this is all going to work out well, but what a long and tortuous path you (and your family too) have taken. As they say, no pain no gain, but I bet there have been a few times in the not very distant past when you said to yourself “Yeah, but why THIS much pain?”

      It’s going to be a sweet little rig.

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