WG0AT With a KX3

I don’t usually create new blog posts for things that I’d normally just tweet, but this was a rather big deal.  I was busy making a chassis out of PCB material for my next project (full details in later posts)……

…….when I heard the faint signals of Steve WG0AT. It took me a little by surprise because I normally expect to hear him on 14060.  Either he doesn’t spend a lot of time on 40M, or I just don’t hear him.  I knew that he’d been testing out one of the very few KX3’s in existence, and I hadn’t QSO’ed with him on 40 before, so I gave him a call.  He started out as a 429 with QSB, but ended up as a 319 near the end of the QSO.  I did manage to copy that he was near Seattle and that he was using a KX3!

I get excited when I work prominent hams in the QRP community. In my former life as a DJ, I’d get a bit of a rush when I got to meet musicians and producers that I admired; this is the same thing really. This time, I was working Steve the goathiker AND a KX3. Two celebrities for the price of one! What a great way to start my Sunday.

If band conditions had been a little better I would have asked him how he liked the KX3, but I know it’s going to be an amazing rig anyway. Wayne mentioned on the KX3 mailing list the other day that they are trying really hard to include 2M as well. The KX3 is going to do incredibly well as a 160-6M rig, but with 2M added, it will be even more popular.

I can’t wait for Pacificon so I can see it!


8 thoughts on “WG0AT With a KX3

  1. I do too. I’m about to e-mail him, and hope that he’ll respond with some thoughts and impressions. Do you think you might get one John?

  2. I doubt it – I already have several QRP/portable type rigs…none of which have been used in over a year, I’m sorry to say. I do look forward to enjoying the rig vicariously via the user reports of others.

  3. TKS for the Q David! …I was visiting SalmonCon and had the priviledge of using the KX3 for a few hours after standing in line to play with it. Regretfully cndx were horrible. Made few a QSOs on 40 & 20 and use maily CW & SSB modes the radio is a delight to use and performs well! KX3 is AWESOME!!!! Elecraft has a winner in my opinion! It’s one radio for all occasions! Thanks for the Q!

    1. Glad you had fun with it Steve and it truly was exciting to hear and work you on it. I too think that Elecraft are going to hit a home run with this rig. I’ll be watching out for your video!

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