I Finally Made It!

I finally made it – into print in a national publication, that is. It’s funny really – in my former career as a DJ/announcer/voice-over person, my voice has been heard on radio and TV in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Boston, Columbus and a bunch of other cities as well as on in-flight audio on airplanes.  I don’t think I’ve ever been mentioned in a national publication though and although it was a fairly brief mention, I got a real kick from seeing the Fort Tuthill 80 I made on the contents page of the June issue of CQ magazine:

This image belongs to CQ Magazine - hope you guys don't mind me using it.

That’s my Tut 80! I get a bit more of a mention on page 72, as does this blog (which explains the sharp spike in page views).  Thank you to Cam Hartford N6GA for the mention – a hearty welcome and congratulations on a fine first QRP column for CQ magazine.


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